A European Congress organised by the EFRR shall be held regularly in a European country. The date and place of the Congress are to be determined by the Council. Other Scientific Meetings are to be held at the discretion of the Council and may be arranged in conjunction with other organisations.

The 17th EFRR Congress will be held on 2 – 5 November 2023 in Antalya, Turkey. The theme of the congress will be “Rehabilitation across the lifespan: Based on an transdisiplinary approach”

More information will be found here: www.efrr2023.org

Congresses of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation

EFRR 2021: 23-25.09.2021 in Lubljana, Slovenia
Congress organizer: Helena Burger

Exceptionally, due to the pandemic, the 16th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation was held online. The virtual congress was again multiprofessional where both researchers and clinicians got together. It focused on various topics ranging from basic research on rehabilitation, return to work and quality of life, including technological improvements as well as the clinical viewpoints. The conference theme was “Inovating rehabilitation: building bridges between research, technology and service”. Besides plenary and invited lectures, the participants enjoyed the opportunity to present their work in form of oral presentations and poster sessions. Also workshops were offered and were attended mainly from young researchers.

For more Information on the congress, please click here: http://www.efrr2021.si/index.php

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here.

EFRR 2019: 15-17.04.2019 in Berlin, Germany
Congress organizer: Susanne Weinbrenner

The 15th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation was held together with the 28th German Congress for Rehabilitation Research (Reha-Kolloquium) and focused on how to scale up and strengthen the profile of rehabilitation as the key health strategy of the 21th century. The conference theme was “Rehabilitation – Shaping HealthCare for the future”. The joint conference aimed to maximize the input for improving both the provision of rehabilitation services and the standards of practice in these services.

For more Information on the congress, please click here: https://www.efrr2019.com/en/Startsite/
The abstract book can be accessed here.
A short video from the congress can be found here.

EFRR 2017: 24-27.05.2017 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Congress organizer: Frederike van Wijk

The 14th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation intended to provide everyone involved in rehabilitation research, practice, education, technology and policy making with an excellent opportunity to share cutting-edge research and best practice, and strengthen their networks in the city of Glasgow, UK. The theme of this conference was “Working in Partnership Across Boundaries”, which reflected the EFRR’s endeavour to improve the lives of people with disabilities through the advancement of research and education in all biopsychosocial aspects of rehabilitation.

Here you can download the Abstract book of EFFR Congress 2017.

Note: Unfortunately, the website of EFRR Congress 2017 got hacked and we therefore, had to close it.
The EFRR Council thanks you for your understanding!

EFRR 2015: 6-9.05.2015 in Helsinki, Finland
Congress organizer: Aarne Ylinen 

The 13th EFRR congress is organised by The Society for Rehabilitation Research and Development (SRRD) and EFFR and included input from a number of stakeholders across the various different fields comprising rehabilitation research – from scientific to practical Research. The theme of the 2015 event was “Being, Doing, Participating,” a reference to the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health.

Sven-Uno Marnetoft, Opening speech, EFRR 2015

EFRR 2013: 11-14.09.2013 in Istanbul, Turkey
Congress organizer: Gülseren Akyuz

The 12th Congress of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation provided shared knowledge to be used in human health, new scientific research, and for the improvement of educational efforts in rehabilitation

EFRR 2011: 26-28.05.2011 in Riva del Garda, Italy.
Congress organizer: Alessandro Giustini

11th Congress of European Federation for Research in Rehabilitation (EFRR), held in Riva del Garda during 26‐28 May 2011, aimed to highlight the need for further understanding the state of the art of the research in different fields of the Rehabilitation. The knowledge and experience gained from this congress intended to strengthen the studies on disabilities linked to different pathologies, making a significant contribution to the promotion of rehabilitation research in Europe.

Main Congress Sessions: (I) Biomedical research and rehabilitation: fundamental aspects, (II) Training and methodology in rehabilitation research, (III) Implementation of International Classification of Functioning (ICF), (IV) Measurement in rehabilitation, (V) Ethics problems in rehabilitation and in research, (VI) Collaborative research projects, (VII) Clinical evidences and research in rehabilitation, (VIII) Quality, competences, team, accreditation, innovation and research.