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The official Journal of European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation is “The International Journal of Rehabilitation Research” www.intjrehabilres.com. It is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal that publishes research into all areas of disability. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for the publication of research into health and disability experienced by people of all ages, of different cultures and different societies.

Prof. Crt Marincek, MD, PhD
University Rehabilitation Institute
Linhartova 51,
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Email: marincek.crt@mail.ir-rs.si

Associate Editors:
Prof. Juhani Wikström, MD, PhD
Helsinki, Finland
Prof. Lajos Kullmann, MD, PhD
Budapest, Hungary
Assist. Prof. Gaj Vidmar, PhD
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Council of EFRR kindly invites you to participate at the 15th Congress of EFRR!

Venue: Berlin, Germany
Date: 15-17 April 2019

Website: www.efrr2019.com