About EFRR

The European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation (EFRR) is the major multidisciplinary rehabilitation research forum in Europe. Originally formed in 1983, it has members from all parts of Europe.
The purpose of EFRR is to advance research and education in biopsychosocial aspects of rehabilitation. The outcomes of such research are implemented and disseminated with the aim of improving both the provision of social, vocational, health-care and rehabilitation services and the standards of practice in these services, for the benefit of people with disabilities.

In particular, the aims of EFRR are:

  • To foster an interdisciplinary approach to research based on a biopsychosocial model of health and disability, thus focussing on rehabilitative research in the domains of impairments of body functions and structures, activity limitations and participation restrictions, as well as the identification of environmental barriers and facilitators
  • To facilitate an exchange of information regarding research into these topics
  • To encourage the exchange of ideas and the development of collaborative research projects in functioning, disabilities and health. These may concern physical, mental and social-environmental aspects of rehabilitation including assistive technology, independent living, vocational rehabilitation and return to work programmes, as well as legal, economic and socio-political aspects of disability
  • To organise and conduct a two-yearly congress, as well as other activities such as workshops, courses on the above-mentioned topics as well the creation of networks of professionals working in different fields within the broad spectrum of rehabilitation

EFRR Strategy

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EFRR Action Points

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Latest news

Election of the new EFRR Council for the period 2021-2023

The call for nominations for EFRR Council Members is now open!

The next Council election will be done at the General Assembly of EFRR, during the EFRR Congress on 23rd – 25th September 2021 in Lubljana (more information: http://www.efrr2021.si). EFFR active members present in the EFRR General Assembly on 16.09.2021 will elect the EFRR council members.

According to the EFRR constitution, each EFRR active member who is a recognized health care practitioner, rehabilitation counselor, case manager or social worker working in the rehabilitation field is eligible to be nominated as council member.

Any active EFRR Members is eligible and kindly requested to nominate candidates to be considered for membership in the Council. The name of each proposed candidate should be accompanied by a resume and a letter indicating that the candidate is willing to stand.

Deadline for nominations: 15.07.2021

You are kindly asked to send your suggestions to mailbox-efrr@drv-bund.de.

List and details of eligible candidates will be circulated latest on the 15.08.2021.

Presidents of the European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation

Founder: John Hunter  (UNITED KINGDOM)
1983-1985: John Hunter  (UNITED KINGDOM)
1985-1988: Kurt-Alphons Jochheim + (GERMANY)
1988-1992: BD Bangma + (GERMANY)
1992-1995: Simon Miller + (UNITED KINGDOM)
1995-1998: Juhani Wikström (FINLAND)
1998-2001: Michael Schuntermann (GERMANY)
2001-2004: Alberto Hidalgo de Caviedes (SPAIN)
2004-2007: Crt Marincek (SLOVENIA)
2007-2008: Haim Ring + (ISRAEL)
2008-2009: Gabor Fazekas (HUNGARY) 
2009-2011: Aivars Vetra (LATVIA)
2011-2013: Gabor Fazekas (HUNGARY)
2013-2015: Gülseren Akyuz (TURKEY)
2015-2017: Aarne Ylinen (FINLAND)
2017-2019: Frederike van Wijck (UNITED KINGDOM)
2019 – Susanne Weinbrenner (GERMANY)